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BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS Picking Outdoor Paints If only you could choose a kind of exterior paint once and be done with it. For better or worse, it’s not that simple. The finish you need for a given project depends in part on the surfaces it involves. Siding and wood both swell and shrink over the... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS Consumer Reports says brand differences are significant, but at the same time admits to not being able to identify a consistently top performing brand. Most veteran painting contractors have strong favorites based on their experience. Over years of trial and error they... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS History of Paint, 3 of 3: In 1866, Sherwin-Williams, which would become one of the largest global paint makers, opened for business. The company invented ready-to-use paint, releasing its first product, raw umber in oil, in 1873. Several years later, cofounder Henry... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS History of paint/part 2 of 3 Between the 1600s and 1800s, most house paint used either oil or water as a base. Some colors worked better in oil, while water suited others better. Cost and durability were also part of the water-or-oil equation. Painters tended to use water-... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTING History of Paint, part 1 of 3 Throughout recorded history, humans have had the desire to decorate their living space. While our mediums and techniques were crude during prehistory, both paint and painting methods evolved tremendously in the millennia that followed. Today,... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS Given the difficulty of selling a house these days, many homeowners looking for more living space are converting basements, attics, and even garages into extra “rooms” where there once was just storage. If you’re thinking about staying put, but “expanding”, start by... Read More
Beyond The Brush Painting New LeBron banner could debut CLEVELAND -- A 10-story tall LeBron James could tower over downtown again. Sherwin-Williams Co. has asked the city for approval to hang a new banner of James on its headquarters across the street from Quicken Loans Arena, the Paint Dealer... Read More
Beyond The Brush Painters Besides the High-Quality Professional Painters and Painting performed by Beyond The Brush Painters, we would like to introduce our Quality choices of paint and products we use: Sherwin Williams Paints and Stains: Promar 200 Zero VOC Super Paint Exterior Acrylic Latex... Read More
BEYOND THE BRUSH PAINTERS   We use only the best products on the market, Check our quality choices on the link below: http://www.beyondthebrushpainting.com/denver-painting-products   Interior Painting Beyond The Brush Painters, offer a full range of painting services for the interior of your home... Read More
Beyond The Brush Painting Exterior Painting Exterior Painting Services Beyond The Brush Painters can paint the exterior of your residential or commercial building quickly and efficiently. We choose our paint for its quality and longevity, and we take the time to prepare all surfaces, so that you... Read More